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R3 Derma Health Pro Illuminating Spritzer

Illuminating Spritzer

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Product Description:

This synergistic daily use this spritzer elevates hydration levels while targeting dark spots and areas of uneven skin tone. A cocktail of tyrosinase inhibiting actives offer preventative and corrective pathways for anyone with pigment concerns. Multi-functioning, this spritzer instantly refreshes while refining the appearance of pores, for a smooth and
even appearance.

Key Ingredients:

  • Fruit Acid Blend: Works synergistically to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. 

  • Daisy Flower Extract. 

  • Kojic Acid. 

  • Azelaic Acid. 

Best Suited For:

All skin types, hyperpigmented, mature skin types

How To Use:

After cleansing, apply spritzer with cotton pad to hydrate skin and remove residue from cleanser, makeup, or hard water. Follow with appropriate protective treatment for skin type.